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About Simplified Alerts Text Notification Services

The easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable text alert messaging platform for businesses, groups and organizations.

Simplified Alerts is a web-based and mobile group text alert, notifications and  messaging service platform designed for active organizations and companies looking to improve their employee / member communications and engagement. Our secure messaging platform offers text, email, voice and chat and is perfect for office, HR, IT, safety and facilities managers. Launched in 2008, our group messaging platform is used by hundreds of customers across many industries – from Fortune 100 to neighborhood businesses.

In an ever-changing world of daily crisis with impact on local and global level; our mission remains to provide fast, reliable and effective group notification services to support our client’s important communication needs. We provide a high-level of expertise and support to ensure each client is getting the most from our platforms.

Simplified Alerts was borne on a muddy soccer field. We continue today with a purpose that has never strayed far from our notion of providing ‘Communication Insurance for Your Organization’. You can trust us to deliver. Our team understands the importance of timely messages and information to improve operational efficiencies and employee, staff and member satisfaction; all for an affordable cost.

In an ever-changing world with local and global impact, we provide the solutions to support your day-to-day or urgent business continuity communication.

What’s new?

We’ve committed to improving delivery and access with our new SimpleSend app along with our virtual-dedicated shortcode for our business-class customers. Our new STATUS feature allows for instant system status sharing and alerting (IT and physical), while our new GEO-CHECK-IN feature allows you to track human assets locally and globally (with built in panic-alerting and private chat). Our new proximity-based solutions can send pinpoint information (like asset tracking and push information) instantly.

Considering your own solution? Our professional services team provides custom integrations through our API and can build applications that are tailored to your communication needs.

Talk to us; we’d be happy to share some of our success stories.

If your organization values critical group messaging in today’s changing world, you must consider Simplified Alerts.