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Group Text Alerts & Notifications for IT System Status Updates

Internal IT teams and Managed IT Services companies understand how one critical outage can disrupt an entire organization (and ruin your day).  The need for a comprehensive response, resolution and timely communication strategy to keep staff in the loop is key to business continuity.

Simplified Alerts easy-to-use and responsive mass notification system is designed to deliver updates of outages, planned maintenance or the status of live and static systems to specific groups or the entire organization.

When seconds matter, our Simplified Alerts SimpleSend app delivers the right messages via text and email to targeted resources. Connect your Alerts account to the Status feature for automated alerts, live monitors and shared screens to keep your organization updated and informed.

Organizing contacts is easy with list uploads, group creation and ‘dynamic filters’ that create subsets of users on the fly. And multi-site gating allows you to assign different admins to manage different locations, all under the same system.

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Alerts at Work: IT and Business System Alerts

An IT manager supports a 200-person workforce across 3 locations. When outages or planned maintenance occurs, he uses Simplified Alerts to send brief, text messages to update key groups about the disruption. Now, with the new Status feature his text messages include links to the company’s system status page allowing real-time monitoring (in some cases this process is fully automated).

The outcome? Less calls about inquiring about when a resolution is coming and more time to focus on the work at hand.