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  Enterprise Text Notification Solutions

Enterprise Text Notification Solutions

Send Critical Text Alerts To Your Workforce Or Organization Members — Fast!

Simplified Alerts allows enterprise-class companies and organizations to send permission-based text alerts and notification to communicate to your employees, members, staff, mobile workforces and more.

Simplified Alerts Offers These Enterprise-Class Features

  • Our virtual dedicated shortcode offers high throughput; our message send rate is hundreds per second.  Some competitors use long codes which are restricted by industry requirements to just one message per second.  This means for a list of 500 contacts, our system will send and deliver in a few seconds while a long-code based system will take 500 seconds (over 8 minutes).  
  • Our system offers expandable options including our FTP data service that allows us to automatically grab a contact file from your back-office contact manager and update your lists and contacts in Simplified Alerts.
  • Our system includes email and voice broadcast.
  • Our system includes 2-way messaging.  We can organize and automate message streams and flows, controlling both structured and unstructured responses from subscribers.
  • Our system captures quantifiable feedback. You can poll subscribers for instant, measurable feedback that can automatically initiate a tailored response.  
  • Our system accommodates text messaging to over 160 countries. So if you want to expand your global reach… we can handle it.  
  • Our Check-in available feature requests and captures the last known geo-location of subscribers, maps their whereabouts and sends a confirmation to the designated admin(s) list.  Results are displayed in reports including an all-important did not check-in report.  
  • Our Panic available feature grabs a subscriber’s last-known geo location and alerts the designated admin(s) list.  At the same time it opens a live conference line so the panic sender and admins be be instantly connected to resolve the issue.   
  • Our Status feature monitors live and static systems and sends alerts when systems are changed.  It includes a live web page that displays in real-time the current status of systems, all related text messages and future maintenance messages.
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