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IT Notifications and System Status Updates

Internal IT teams and Managed IT Services companies understand how one critical outage can disrupt an entire organization (and ruin your day).  The need for a comprehensive response, resolution and timely communication strategy to keep staff in the loop is key to business continuity.

Simplified Alerts easy-to-use and responsive mass notification system is designed to deliver updates of outages, planned maintenance or the status of live and static systems to specific groups or the entire organization.

When seconds matter, our Simplified Alerts SimpleSend app delivers the right messages via text and email to targeted resources. Connect your Alerts account to the Status feature for automated alerts, live monitors and shared screens to keep your organization updated and informed.

Alerts at Work: IT and Business System Alerts

An IT manager supports a 200-person workforce across 3 locations. When outages or planned maintenance occurs, he uses Simplified Alerts to send brief, text messages to update key groups about the disruption. Now, with the new Status feature his text messages include links to the company’s system status page- allowing real-time monitoring (in some cases this process is fully automated).

The outcome? Less calls about inquiring about when a resolution is coming and more time to focus on the work at hand.



Employee Communications

HR managers or other company departments now have the ability to communicate critical or timely alerts or messages to their employees, staff, remote facilities, mobile field teams, and more. From office or facility closings to critical and timely updates or messages, the Simplified Alerts mass notification system makes it easy to reach targeted groups or the entire organization in-mass using text, email, social, and even voicemail.

But group communications can go beyond critical alerts. Companies use Simplified Alerts to send employee survey/polls, send and share documents, schedule reminders, or check on their well-being in case of an emergency. You also can create an interactive and shared experience between groups, teams and the organization.

Alerts at Work: Employee Communications

A global automobile manufacturer uses Simplified Alerts to send text alerts with images and video to their network of over 10,000 technicians around the country. Every couple of days they send service bulletin updates, how to videos, and links to critical documents.

Since switching to text messaging over email, engagement has improved and feedback is gathered through return texts and surveys.



Safety & Incident Notification

Employee safety depends on effective planning and communication. Simplified Alerts is designed to deliver messages to prepare, report and respond.

Our TCPA-compliant secure text, email and voice group messaging platform uses industry-standard protocols to deliver notifications fast and effectively.

Our polling, check-in and feedback features engage and interact with your subscribers. With the SimpleSend Check-In feature you can track resources and locate them easily.

Simplified Alerts Includes incident reporting, tracking and verification (photos and videos); with private chat at the ready.

Alerts at Work: Safety and Incident Notification

A global mining company uses Simplified Alerts to send critical text notifications to groups assigned to their facilities around the world. Additionally, each location has a unique keyword for incident reporting and management. When an incident occurs, it’s reported by an employee texting a keyword to their shortcode (Incident to 64800), monitored by the safety team which then enacts a response that may include private team communication.

Regular communication is sent to relevant staff as the incident is resolved. With Simplified Alerts SimpleSend Status and Check-in, users can submit mobile incident forms and instantly send panic alerts if required.



Facility Notifications

Simplified Alerts is designed for managers that need to quickly communicate across multiple teams, groups and locations.

Facilities managers use the system for weather alerts, building alerts, staff notifications, incident reporting and tracking. Instantly poll your employees to solicit feedback on safety and attendance. Our add-on Check-In feature tracks resources, provides incident forms and chat streams to support critical responses. Status lets you post and share building systems status.

Organizing contacts is easy with list uploads, group creation and ‘dynamic filters’ that create subsets of users on the fly.

Multi-site gating allows you to assign different admins to manage different locations, all under the same system.

Alerts at Work: Facility Notifications

A facilities manager for an ecommerce company oversees facilities and warehouse operations at several distribution centers across the country. Each location’s manager is responsible for sending alerts to their team. For facilities in the Midwest it’s typically weather alerts for tornadoes and winter weather, for the facilities in the south it’s to warn and update employees about hurricanes, storms and the aftermath.

With the new SimpleSend Status feature, managers have started posting the status of business and physical systems across the locations including parking lots, buildings and information systems. With Check-in and Yes/No polling they have employees check in to see their location and get instant feedback with a simple Yes/No response “Can you make it to work today?” or “Are You OK?”



Mobile Workforce Notifications and Tracking

Need to send critical company text alerts and gather feedback from a non-desktop or mobile workforce? The Simplified Alerts group notifications and alert service offers logistics managers a secure way to keep your team informed and engaged.

Our system makes it easy to send and manage messages in seconds from your desktop or mobile phone.

With our affordable SimpleSend Check-In app you can check-in and track resources and manage incidents with mobile forms and reporting.

Also schedule alerts and reminders, send polls for instant feedback or share and post important documents and video.

Alerts at Work: Mobile Workforce Notifications and Tracking

A global manufacturer uses the Simplified Alerts and the SimpleSend Check-in feature to track executive teams and resources as they travel around the world.

They needed to not only message their teams, but know where they are located.

A brief text message is sent to the team reminding them to open the app to click an icon and quickly check-in (Simplified Alerts delivers messages to over 140 countries). The account admin is alerted when a check-in occurs and the team can be visually tracked on a map or in a list. A report quickly shows the admin who hasn’t checked-in yet, allowing them to follow-up appropriately.

When more direct messaging is required, admins and users open a group chat feature available within Simplified Alerts SimpleSend. When safety is a concern, users activate panic alerts, letting the admin know their last known check-in location.