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Toll Free Numbers And Virtual Dedicated Shortcodes
For SMS Message Sending.

What’s Best for You?

Every SMS message from Simplified Alerts is sent through a provisioned number to ensure industry compliance.  These numbers (shortcodes and toll-free numbers) are managed by us to ensure high deliverability and reliability. 

Simplified Alerts now offers dedicated Toll-Free numbers, unique to your organization.   Toll-Free numbers offer all the benefits of a dedicated number including no keyword competition and reliable message routing.  Additionally, organizations that would like to blend employee messaging with customer promotions can now send messages from the same Toll-Free number.

Most importantly, Toll-Free numbers are not subject to surprise shutdowns caused by other users on the same code (like shared codes were).  In short, you get the performance of a dedicated shortcode at a fraction of the price ($1,500/month versus $5/month).

Except for enterprise organizations and big brands, most organizations don’t yet need a dedicated shortcode. 

Compare the Simplified Alerts Toll-Free and Virtual Dedicated standard number options below to find the option that’s best for you.

Questions?  Reach out and our team can offer advice and guidance.

FeatureToll FreeVirtual Dedicated (VDS)Note
Shared with other organizationsNoLimitedA toll-free number is unique to your organization.
Send Notifications-OnlyNoYesA notification-only message is a non-solicitation request and info-based. Like a weather alert, not a promotion.
Send Marketing MessagesYesNoYou can send marketing and information / notification messages through a toll-free number.
Organization KeywordsYesNoWith a toll-free number you have access to an unlimited keyword pool. Most keywords are available with our VDS but are delivered on a first-request basis.
High volume, high throughputNoYesWhen seconds matter our Virtual Dedicated Shortcode ensures rapid delivery to large groups. Toll-free has throughput limitations and is designed for smaller groups with less urgency.
Monthly Charge$5$20

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Toll Free Numbers:
Frequently Asked Questions

What are Toll-Free numbers?

Toll-free numbers are 10-digit numbers that begin with the prefix 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833. Carriers already allow for these numbers to send mass text messages for commercial use.

What is the throughput for Toll-Free Numbers?

Throughput is the number of messages sent in a period of time.   Based on use case, your number can be provisioned for a throughput of over 100 messages per second.  Notifications are sent at a greater throughput than marketing and promotional messages.

Will the Toll-Free numbers work similar to dedicated short codes?

Toll-Free numbers will work essentially the same as a dedicated short codes, including being able to send mass messages and work with Simplified Alerts advanced features, like our automation.