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Send Safety or Incident Text Alerts & Notifications to Groups

Employee or building tenent safety depends on effective planning and communication. The Simplified Alerts mass notification system allows  safety and facility managers to prepare, report and respond to any incident by giving you the ability to deliver critical text and email messages to groups at one or more facilities, buildings or an entire campus.

Our TCPA-compliant secure text, email and voice group messaging platform uses industry-standard protocols to deliver notifications fast and effectively.

Simplified Alerts includes incident reporting, tracking and verification (photos and videos); with private chat at the ready.

Organizing contacts is easy with list uploads, group creation and ‘dynamic filters’ that create subsets of users on the fly. And multi-site gating allows you to assign different admins to manage different locations, all under the same system.

Our polling, check-in and feedback features engage and interact with your subscribers. With the SimpleSend Check-In feature you can track resources and locate them easily.

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Alerts at Work: Safety and Incident Notification

A global mining company uses Simplified Alerts to send critical text notifications to groups assigned to their facilities around the world. Additionally, each location has a unique keyword for incident reporting and management. When an incident occurs, it’s reported by an employee texting a keyword to their shortcode (Incident to 64800), monitored by the safety team which then enacts a response that may include private team communication.

Regular communication is sent to relevant staff as the incident is resolved. With Simplified Alerts SimpleSend Status and Check-in, users can submit mobile incident forms and instantly send panic alerts if required.