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Group Text Alerts, Notification & Geo-Tracking System for Mobile Workforces

Need to send critical company text alerts and gather feedback from a non-desktop or mobile workforce? The Simplified Alerts group notifications and alert service offers logistics managers a secure way to keep your team informed and engaged.

Our system makes it easy to send and manage messages in seconds from your desktop or mobile phone.

With our affordable Check-In feature you can check-in and track resources and manage incidents with mobile forms and reporting.

Also schedule alerts and reminders, send polls for instant feedback or share and post important documents and video.

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Alerts at Work: Mobile Workforce Notifications and Tracking

A global manufacturer uses the Simplified Alerts and the SimpleSend Check-in feature to track executive teams and resources as they travel around the world.

They needed to not only message their teams, but know where they are located.

A brief text message is sent to the team reminding them to open the app to click an icon and quickly check-in (Simplified Alerts delivers messages to over 140 countries). The account admin is alerted when a check-in occurs and the team can be visually tracked on a map or in a list. A report quickly shows the admin who hasn’t checked-in yet, allowing them to follow-up appropriately.

When more direct messaging is required, admins and users open a group chat feature available within Simplified Alerts SimpleSend. When safety is a concern, users activate panic alerts, letting the admin know their last known check-in location.