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Group Text Alerts & Notification System for Employee Communications

HR managers or other company departments now have the ability to send critical or timely text alerts and notifications to your employees, staff, remote facilities, mobile field teams, and more. From office or facility closings to critical and timely updates or messages, the Simplified Alerts group SMS notification system makes it easy to reach targeted groups or the entire organization in-mass using text, email, social, and even voicemail.

But group communications can go beyond critical alerts. Companies use Simplified Alerts to send employee survey/polls, send and share documents, schedule reminders, or check on their well-being in case of an emergency. You also can create an interactive and shared experience between groups, teams and the organization.

Organizing contacts is easy with list uploads, group creation and ‘dynamic filters’ that create subsets of users on the fly. And multi-site gating allows you to assign different admins to manage different locations, all under the same system.

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Alerts at Work: Employee Text Communications

A global automobile manufacturer uses Simplified Alerts to send text alerts with images and video to their network of over 10,000 technicians around the country. Every couple of days they send service bulletin updates, how to videos, and links to critical documents.

Since switching to text messaging over email, engagement has improved and feedback is gathered through return texts and surveys.