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FTP Data Service for Organizational Text Alerts & Notifications Automatically update your contact lists in Simplified Alerts

Are your company or organizational contacts updated regularly in back-office software and applications used to run your business (like an HR management tool, a CRM or a contact manager)?

Simplified Alerts offers a secure FTP Data Service to pass employee or member contact data from your system into your Alerts text alert and notification account to ensure your lists are automatically populated with the latest contact data.

How FTP Data Service Works

Each day (or at another interval of your choosing), we grab the data file you’ve placed in a folder on our Simplified Alerts secure server and add, delete or update the previous contact data. Our automated process then retrieves the file and updates your contact and list data. We ensure that we’re not overwriting contacts that have previously unsubscribed. 

What You Need to Do 

Ask your IT team to confirm that the proper data can be exported from your system. We require the data in a .csv or .txt format (we’ll provide a file layout to follow). Then, we’ll schedule a call to discuss next steps and activate. 

There is a one-time fee of $500* to activate the service.  You’ll need to have a business-class package activated, which provides the required API access.

*The $500 one-time fee is for our standard FTP Data Service set-up, activation and support. It does not include customization, consulting or extended integration work.  You will be invoiced for the $500; payment is required for activation.  API access is required. Fee is non-refundable.  

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