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Simplified Alerts Employee Text Notifications for Snowstorms

A Storm is Coming. Don’t You Want Better Employee Notifications?

Winter Storm Olive is bearing down this week with an ominous forecast…

Employee text alerts can be a valuable tool for organizations to communicate with their employees during weather-related outages. Here are some reasons why:

Safety: During weather-related outages, it is important to keep employees safe. Text alerts can be used to provide employees with important safety information, such as instructions on how to evacuate the building or where to go for shelter.

Timely communication: Text alerts are a quick and effective way to communicate with employees during an outage. They can be sent in real-time to ensure that employees receive important information as soon as possible.

Employee morale: When employees are kept informed during a weather-related outage, it can help to reduce anxiety and increase morale. Text alerts can be used to provide updates on the status of the outage and any plans for resuming normal operations.

Productivity: By using text alerts, employers can help to minimize the impact of weather-related outages on productivity. By keeping employees informed and providing them with guidance on what they can do during the outage, employers can help to keep employees engaged and focused.

Overall, using employee text alerts for weather outages can help to improve communication, promote safety, boost morale, and maintain productivity during a potentially disruptive event.

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