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Mass Text Alerts & Notification System for Facilities and Campuses

Simplified Alerts is designed for facility and office managers that need to quickly communicate messages across multiple teams, groups and locations.

Facilities managers use the system for weather alerts, building alerts, staff notifications, incident reporting and tracking. You can also instantly poll your employees to solicit feedback on safety and attendance. Our add-on Geo-check In feature tracks resources, provides incident forms and chat streams to support critical responses. And the Status feaure lets you post and share building systems status.

Organizing contacts is easy with list uploads, group creation and ‘dynamic filters’ that create subsets of users on the fly. And Multi-site gating allows you to assign different admins to manage different locations, all under the same system.

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Alerts at Work: Facility Notifications

A facilities manager for an ecommerce company oversees facilities and warehouse operations at several distribution centers across the country. Each location’s manager is responsible for sending alerts to their team. For facilities in the Midwest it’s typically weather alerts for tornadoes and winter weather, for the facilities in the south it’s to warn and update employees about hurricanes, storms and the aftermath.

With the new SimpleSend Status feature, managers have started posting the status of business and physical systems across the locations including parking lots, buildings and information systems. With Check-in and Yes/No polling they have employees check in to see their location and get instant feedback with a simple Yes/No response “Can you make it to work today?” or “Are You OK?”