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Now track staff exposure to get back to work/school and keep your workplace safe with our new app for schools, manufacturing, distribution centers and more. Call or download our Contract Tracing Factsheet for more.

A Necessary Tool in the Era of COVID-19

It’s critical that schools and businesses bring students back safely. HealthPassport allows organizations to affordably stay on top of wellness and identify potential secondary exposures.


A Necessary Tool in the Era of COVID-19

– GPS-Based Contact Tracing
– Exposure Alerts
– Daily Health Screenings
– Realtime Exposure Notifications
– HIPAA and SOC2 Complaint
– Privacy-secure
– HR/Payroll Integration

Our Contact Tracing Factsheet

Quickly Track Staff Status, Interactions and Determine Risk


Benefits of Occupational Contact Tracing

For Companies

  • Get back to work sooner & safer
  • Contain possible COVID-19 exposure quickly and efficiently
  • Comply with OSHA rules requiring a safe workplace
  • Helps reduce COVID-19 related Workers Compensation claims
  • Passport functionality ensures compliance and makes it easy to start the workday

For Employees

  • Quickly identifies risk of exposure
  • Allows employees to get back to work safely
  • Location tracking only happens while at work to protect privacy
  • Reduces the need for mass quarantines and unneeded testing
  • Central source for COVID-19 facts from the company and the CDC
  • PPE ordering and replacement
  • Eliminates security risks associated with bluetooth apps


Maintain Workplace Safety

Tracking potential individual exposure allows employers to address the well-being of affected employees without shutting down an entire building or facility.

What About Privacy?

  • Employees opt in to using the app
    • Employers can decide how (and when) employees without the app may return to work
  • Individual employee location is never shared with employer
  • If an employee using the app tests positive, his/her identity is not shared with anyone other than the designed HR administrator.
  • Employee data is only collected while at work
  • HIPAA compliant and SOC2 audited environment.



Simplifiedalerts HealthPassport Current Status

Live Now

– Apple, Amazon, and Android app stores
– Simple user creation via integrations with ADP, SAP, PeopleSoft and others


– SOC 2 and HIPAA data environment
– SSO options include SAML2

Virtually eliminates lines and delayed start from daily health screening

– Automation of new-normal task like daily health assessments
– Daily Passport feature allows management to see which employees are cleared for work
– Ensures documentation and compliance with daily health assessments

Works on almost any smartphone; no added equipment to buy and maintain